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  • v1.0.2   Uploaded to CTAN
    8f913cdf · Typos ·
    Release v1.0.2

    Bug fixes and minor updates

    • Made planets and wasysym compatible
    • Possibility to use a point to specify the center of a planet (thus use polar coordinates)
    • Make a more schematic representation of Jupiter that better fits with the graphical style used for the telluric planets
    • A ring system can be added around any planet Ensure the radius of a planet is exactly 1 by default
    • Thin rings can be drawn with any radius
    • Draw the phase before rings to avoid having a strange shadow on the rings
    • Rings typically are in the equatorial plane of their planet: make rings tilt with axial tilt
    • Use solid color rather than shading for rings so that they have the same appearance when tilted
    • Added Pluto
    • Added shading to the rings for each phase
    • Fixed documentation typos
  • v1.0.1   First version posted to CTAN.
    Release v1.0.1

    First published version

    • Crescent and gibbous phases
    • Added Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune surfaces
    • Rotation can now be retrograde
    • Color used no longer depend on x11names
  • v1.0.0   First usable version of the package.
    Release v1.0.0

    First usable version of the package.

    • Earth
    • Moon
    • Sun
    • Mars
    • Position of planet can be set
    • Moon phases