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Added a vlozit script for simplifying paste

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......@@ -13,17 +13,29 @@ You can use Vlozit as a simple online pastebin, as all other pastebin all over t
But you can use it throught netcat, which give you a powerful and painless tool :
ls -l /my/folder |nc
ls -l /my/folder |nc 8080
Or for a configuration file :
cat /etc/application/application.conf |nc
cat /etc/application/application.conf |nc 8080
No more erroneous copy-paste via a terminal where you can't get all the content in one paste !
And whenever you use netcat, server returns the url you can share to everyone :
user@computer:~$ cat /etc/application/application.conf |nc
user@computer:~$ cat /etc/application/application.conf |nc 8080
Simplifying your pastes
A script has been made to simplify your pastes. You just have to get it and copy it to your /usr/bin
folder :
sudo cp vlozit /usr/bin/vlozit
Then any paste will be as simple as :
user@computer:~$ cat /etc/application/application.conf |vlozit
cat |nc 8080
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