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Marxco Iconfont CS

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## What is?

While Marxco Component System is still far from public release, I just decided to share some icons from it as separate repository.

## CS/MS?

CS _(Component System)_ is open versions of the icon font that I decided to share. MS version is closed and contains some specific icons for future design of my store.

## How to?

All icons are provided in common font formats and ready to use with your code and injected `icons.css` from `public` directory.

### Example:

<i class="mrx_ic mrx_ic-logo-gitlab"></i>

But if you're planning to make some changes:

1. You need to install [Node.js](
2. You need to install [Yarn](
3. You need to install [Gulp](
4. Clone this repository to local.
5. Run terminal, set current dir to the path of your local repository.
6. Run `yarn install` and wait for finished of instllation all dependencies.
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7. Run `gulp cleanNames` to remove unicode prefixes from filenames.
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8. Run `gulp organize` to move all svg files from `src\icons` to related sub-deirectories, based on their prefixes.
9. Run `gulp unicodify` to add unicode prefixes to filenames, base of `icRanges` array from `gulpfile.js`.
10. Run `gulp generation` to rewrite all templates, generate fonts and css files.

If you want, you also could use `gulp layout`, this task will create HTML files with cheatsheet as presented [here](

### Supported prefixes by default:

`logo-`, `badge-`, `social-`, `finance-`, `market-`, `grafx-`, `3d-`, `doc-`, `software-`, `lic-`, `dev-`, `polit-`, `cult-`, `gem-`. Any other prefixes and filenames will be precced as `miscellaneous` icons.

## What's next?

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No any code changes are planned in this repository, but new svg, updated font files and regenerated CSS for new additions/changes.