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add common nextcloud modules as examples

parent afe953c9
......@@ -62,7 +62,8 @@ software.version =
# Lien web vers les sources du logiciel (type URL, recommandé).
software.source.url =
# Liste de modules optionnels installés (type VALUES, optionnel, ex. Nextcloud-Calendar,Nextcloud-Talk).
# Liste de modules optionnels installés (type VALUES, optionnel)
# Exemples : Nextcloud-BigBlueButton, Nextcloud-Bookmark, Nextcloud-Calendar, Nextcloud-Carnet, Nextcloud-CollaboraOnline, Nextcloud-Onlyoffice, Nextcloud-Contacts, Nextcloud-Deck, Nextcloud-Forms,Nextcloud-Mail, Nextcloud-Maps, Nextcloud-News, Nextcloud-Notes, Nextcloud-Polls, Nextcloud-Spreed, Nextcloud-Talk, Nextcloud-Task
software.modules =
# [Host]
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