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Commit 35458d03 authored by Ryan VanderMeulen's avatar Ryan VanderMeulen

Revert "Bug 1182034 - Pin Dolphin builds to vendor/sprd/open-source rev...

Revert "Bug 1182034 - Pin Dolphin builds to vendor/sprd/open-source rev e503b1d14d7fdee532b8f391407299da193c1b2d to un-bust the build."

This reverts commit e1190929.
parent aa686b5c
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
<project path="system/core" name="platform/system/core" />
<project path="u-boot" name="u-boot" />
<project path="vendor/sprd/gps" name="vendor/sprd/gps" />
<project path="vendor/sprd/open-source" name="vendor/sprd/open-source" revision="e503b1d14d7fdee532b8f391407299da193c1b2d" />
<project path="vendor/sprd/open-source" name="vendor/sprd/open-source" />
<project path="vendor/sprd/partner" name="vendor/sprd/partner" />
<project path="vendor/sprd/proprietories" name="vendor/sprd/proprietories" />
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