Commit 20e8dc1f authored by Thomas Zimmermann's avatar Thomas Zimmermann

Merge pull request #38 from armenzg/nightly

Update pandaboard.xml
parents fc34f5a3 2044ddff
......@@ -102,5 +102,6 @@
<project path="hardware/ti/omap4xxx" name="platform/hardware/ti/omap4xxx" />
<project path="hardware/ti/wlan" name="platform/hardware/ti/wlan" revision="60dfeb6e4448bfed707946ebca6612980f525e69" />
<project path="hardware/ti/wpan" name="platform/hardware/ti/wpan" revision="3ece7d9e08052989401e008bc397dbcd2557cfd0" />
<project path="external/negatus" name="Negatus" remote="mozilla" revision="master" />
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