Commit c438ab6a authored by Eric Rahm's avatar Eric Rahm
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Merge pull request #380 from EricRahm/bug_1019638

Bug 1019638 - Disabling DMD after enabling DMD doesn't stop DMD from run...
parents 4be35b23 719b69a2
......@@ -246,8 +246,9 @@ delete_extra_gecko_files_on_device()
# you squint at files_to_remove, you'll see that it will
# contain files which are on the host but not on the device;
# obviously we can't remove those files from the device).
run_adb shell "cd /system/b2g && rm $files_to_remove" > /dev/null
for to_remove in $files_to_remove; do
run_adb shell "rm /system/b2g/$to_remove" > /dev/null
return 0
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