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Update gcc-4.6.rb to work with newer versions of Homebrew

MD5 checksums are no longer supported, and the whole argument handling needed to be updated.
parent 0e2fccb1
......@@ -4,72 +4,36 @@ require 'formula'
# gccgo "is currently known to work on GNU/Linux and RTEMS. Solaris support
# is in progress. It may or may not work on other platforms."
def cxx?
ARGV.include? '--enable-cxx'
def fortran?
ARGV.include? '--enable-fortran'
def java?
ARGV.include? '--enable-java'
def objc?
ARGV.include? '--enable-objc'
def objcxx?
ARGV.include? '--enable-objcxx'
def build_everything?
ARGV.include? '--enable-all-languages'
def nls?
ARGV.include? '--enable-nls'
def profiledbuild?
ARGV.include? '--enable-profiled-build'
class Ecj < Formula
# Little Known Fact: ecj, Eclipse Java Complier, is required in order to
# produce a gcj compiler that can actually parse Java source code.
url ''
md5 'd7cd6a27c8801e66cbaa964a039ecfdb'
sha256 '98fd128f1d374d9e42fd9d4836bdd249c6d511ebc6c0df17fbc1b9df96c3d781'
class Gcc46 < Formula
homepage ''
url ''
mirror ''
md5 '773092fe5194353b02bb0110052a972e'
sha256 'e8f5853d4eec2f5ebaf8a72ae4d53c436aacf98153b2499f8635b48c4718a093'
depends_on 'gmp'
depends_on 'libmpc'
depends_on 'mpfr'
option 'enable-cxx', 'Build the g++ compiler'
option 'enable-fortran', 'Build the gfortran compiler'
option 'enable-java', 'Buld the gcj compiler'
option 'enable-objc', 'Enable Objective-C language support'
option 'enable-objcxx', 'Enable Objective-C++ language support'
option 'enable-all-languages', 'Enable all compilers and languages, except Ada'
option 'enable-nls', 'Build with natural language support'
option 'enable-profiled-build', 'Make use of profile guided optimization when bootstrapping GCC'
def patches
{ :p0 => [""] }
def options
['--enable-cxx', 'Build the g++ compiler'],
['--enable-fortran', 'Build the gfortran compiler'],
['--enable-java', 'Buld the gcj compiler'],
['--enable-objc', 'Enable Objective-C language support'],
['--enable-objcxx', 'Enable Objective-C++ language support'],
['--enable-all-languages', 'Enable all compilers and languages, except Ada'],
['--enable-nls', 'Build with natural language support'],
['--enable-profiled-build', 'Make use of profile guided optimization when bootstrapping GCC']
def install
# Force 64-bit on systems that use it. Build failures reported for some
# systems when this is not done.
......@@ -117,9 +81,9 @@ class Gcc46 < Formula
args << '--disable-nls' unless nls?
args << '--disable-nls' unless build.include? 'enable-nls'
if build_everything?
if build.include? 'enable-all-languages'
# Everything but Ada, which requires a pre-existing GCC Ada compiler
# (gnat) to bootstrap. GCC 4.6.0 add go as a language option, but it is
# currently only compilable on Linux.
......@@ -129,14 +93,14 @@ class Gcc46 < Formula
# here.
languages = %w[c]
languages << 'c++' if cxx?
languages << 'fortran' if fortran?
languages << 'java' if java?
languages << 'objc' if objc?
languages << 'obj-c++' if objcxx?
languages << 'c++' if build.include? 'enable-cxx'
languages << 'fortran' if build.include? 'enable-fortran'
languages << 'java' if build.include? 'enable-java'
languages << 'objc' if build.include? 'enable-objc'
languages << 'obj-c++' if build.include? 'enable-objcxx'
if java? or build_everything?
if build.include?('enable-java') or build.include?('enable-all-languages')
source_dir = Dir.pwd do |ecj|
......@@ -151,7 +115,7 @@ class Gcc46 < Formula
Dir.chdir 'build' do
system '../configure', "--enable-languages=#{languages.join(',')}", *args
if profiledbuild?
if build.include? 'enable-profiled-build'
# Takes longer to build, may bug out. Provided for those who want to
# optimise all the way to 11.
system 'make profiledbootstrap'
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