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#### Qowala configuration
# Qowala configuration
- Copy and rename **config/template_twitter.json** to **config/twitter.json** and put in your Twitter credentials (you can get the credentials on *Twitter Developer Website* at after creating your own app).
- Give your application Read & Write permissions on Twitter Application Management Dashboard
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- For the callback URL in **config/twitter.json** you have to put the domain name where the app will be hosted and add to it '/auth/twitter/callback'.
#### Qowala Development mode
# Qowala Development mode
Once the Qowala configuration done as written above, the recommended way to launch the app for development is to use **Vagrant**. No need to install Qowala Vagrant will do it for you.
In the Qowala's directory do
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Open source and growing! We’re aiming to become your favorite tool to survive in the social networks jungle. First is Twitter, with many more to come.
Qowala is an open source Twitter client that wishes to give you control on your usage of social networks.
......@@ -24,6 +23,7 @@ They are two mirrored git repositories of the project:
- Github:
### Project management:
We are using the open source Taiga project management tool. You can access it at to follow the development process and interact with us for issues, requests for enhancement, etc.
### Qowala v1.0 functionalities:
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