Commit 801234a9 authored by Glandos's avatar Glandos
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catch exceptions in a nicer way

parent 156962e9
......@@ -96,10 +96,10 @@ class Database(ABC):
def close(self):
if self.cursor is not None:
if getattr(self, "cursor", None) is not None:
self.cursor = None
if self.connection is not None:
if getattr(self, "connection", None) is not None:
self.connection = None
......@@ -151,8 +151,9 @@ class Database(ABC):
class SQLite(Database):
def __init__(self, filename: str, source: SQLite = None):
self.source = None
if source is not None and not isinstance(source, SQLite):
raise NotImplemented("SQLite target can only use SQLite source")
raise ValueError("SQLite target can only use SQLite source")
super().__init__(filename, source)
# For type hints
self.source = source
......@@ -468,8 +469,12 @@ class PostgreSQL(Database):
def main(main_db, merged_db, fast):
click.echo(f"Merging {merged_db} into {main_db}")
source = Database.from_dsn(merged_db)
target = Database.from_dsn(main_db, source)
except Exception as e:
raise click.ClickException(e)
target.set_options({"fast": fast})
click.echo("-> Gathering source database statistics: ", nl=False)
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