Commit 8d61f872 authored by Morgân von Brylân's avatar Morgân von Brylân

Corrigé la fonction getMember qui ne prenait pas les mentions.

parent c68150d0
......@@ -223,7 +223,12 @@ function getUsers(str)
// Get a member of a server from an id or a tag
function getMember(srv, userResolvable)
return srv.members.find(m => === userResolvable || m.user.tag === userResolvable);
let matches = userResolvable.match(/[0-9]+/);
return srv.members.find(m => === matches[0]);
return srv.members.find(m.user.tag === userResolvable);
function getMembers(srv, str)
"name": "strun_bah_couille",
"version": "3.1873.0",
"version": "3.1873.1",
"description": "Strun Bah Couille le Crisse-Barbe",
"main": "bot.js",
"repository": {
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