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cover picture

A generator of cats pictures optimised to generate or random avatars, or defined avatar from a "seed". A derivation by David Revoy from the original MonsterID by Andreas Gohr's.


Artworks: PNG and ORA files licensed under: CC-By 4.0 attribution: David Revoy with the following exception: Generated cats used as Avatar (for blog,forum,social-network) don't need direct attribution and so, can be used as regular avatars without pasting David Revoy's name all over the place.

Code This PHP is licensed under the short and simple permissive: MIT License


Call the script this way:

echo '<img height="70px" width="70px" src="your/path/to/cat-avatar-generator?seed='.$var.'"/>';

(Note: for the seed, I advice to use author's name to not expose email or sensitive datas, even hashed on a public code.)

How to edit artworks

  1. Open img/00_SRC.ora with Krita ( or Gimp,Mypaint,Pinta) Do your edit/draw/paint, respect layer naming, save.
  2. Open it again in Gimp 2.8, with the export layer plugin
  3. Scale the image down to the result you want (eg. 256px x 256px as on the demo ) LancZos filter
  4. File > Export layer (Allow invisible layer to be exported, check 'image size', PNG file format )
  5. Done.

All PNG files of 'parts' are extracted this way and keep their layer name.