Commit f8e79988 authored by David Revoy's avatar David Revoy

Add the bird theme

This commit add the artworks for the bird theme and also moves the
bitmap sprite to subfolder 'cat' and 'bird'.
parent 4ea80cee
......@@ -31,3 +31,8 @@ _(Note: for the seed, I advice to use author's name to not expose email or sensi
4. Done.
All PNG files of 'parts' are extracted this way and keep their layer name.
## Bird theme and TODO
I added a new theme with birds on the avatars/bird folder. The [Article of the bird and a demo is here]( To use the avatar generator with the bird theme; you'll need to adapt the path and the array to pick the asset, but the bitmaps are ready. I'm open to any MR to make a theme switcher easy to use but I'll can't do it myself because it feels too complex to do with my artistic skill.
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