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      Merge pull request #42 from gasche/fix-build · 4de8feb9
      Zoggy authored
      Fix the build
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      fix build by removing errors.mli · 0a354670
      Gabriel Scherer authored
      4.06 now uses the -keep-locs option by default, which stores location
      information in .cmi files for better error messages. One unfortunate
      consequence is that two .mli with identical signatures at different
      textual positions are now incompatible. This breaks the build when
      linking errors.cmi produced from stog's errors.mli with compiler-libs.
      The PR fixes the issue by removing errors.mli completely from the
      build system. I am not sure what it was for (re-exporting the
      compiler's interface), and stog builds fine without it.
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      Makefile: never use -linkall without $(COMPFLAGS) · 1ae87a7d
      Gabriel Scherer authored
      The "threads" package of ocamlfind, which "lwt.unix" depends on, is
      set up in such a way that using -linkall without passing ocamlfind one
      of the -thread or -vmthread options breaks the build (an alternative
      is to pass -predicates mt,mt_posix). $(COMPFLAGS) contains -thread,
      so `-linkall $(COMPFLAGS)` works.
      This PR fixes the following build error by removing `-linkall` from
      the latex2stog binaries (that I don't think need it?):
      $ ocamlfind ocamlopt -o latex2stog \
        -package ppx_blob,xtmpl,ptime,ocf,ocf.ppx,dynlink,unix,str,higlo.lexers,lwt.unix,xtmpl.ppx,uri,uutf \
       -linkall -linkpkg stog.cmxa latex2stog.cmx
      File "_none_", line 1:
      Error: No implementations provided for the following modules:
               Thread referenced from /home/gasche/.opam/4.06.1/lib/lwt/lwt_unix.cmxa(Lwt_preemptive)
               Mutex referenced from /home/gasche/.opam/4.06.1/lib/lwt/lwt_unix.cmxa(Lwt_preemptive)
               Condition referenced from /home/gasche/.opam/4.06.1/lib/lwt/lwt_unix.cmxa(Lwt_preemptive)
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    • Leo Wzukw's avatar
      Update opam dependencies · b16abac7
      Leo Wzukw authored
      Tried to install stog with ocaml 4.03.0 from master branch, and had to install this (manually) to make it work.
      Did not check optional dependencies, got problems with ojs-base and gave up.