Commit 03d8707e authored by Julien Fastré's avatar Julien Fastré

wording of timeline tasks

parent d4d730ea
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ close: clotûrer
cancel: annuler
'%user% has closed the task': %user% a fermé la tâche
'%user% has canceled the task': %user% a annulé la tâche
'%user% has started the task': %user% a débuté la tâche
'%user% has started the task': %user% a commencé la tâche
'%user% has created the task': %user% a introduit la tâche
#Flash messages
<h3 class="single-line">
{{ event.datetime|localizeddate('long', 'short') }}
<span class="task"> / {{ 'Task'|trans }}</span> /
<span class="task">
{% if transition is not null %}
<span class="statement">{{ task_workflow_metadata(event.task, 'transition.sentence', transition)|trans({ '%user%': }) }}</span>
<span>"{{ event.task.title }}"</span>
{% else %}
<span class="statement">{{ '%user% has created the task'|trans({ '%user%': }) }}</span>
<span>"{{ event.task.title }}"</span>
{% endif %}
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