Commit 94fadf80 authored by Alexandre Friquet's avatar Alexandre Friquet
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Disabled performances still listed on subscriptions: refs #88.

parent cf1dca6d
......@@ -431,7 +431,7 @@ feature "Manage subscriptions" do
voile = create :activity, title: "Voile"
@member.update_attribute(:name, "Mon asso")
perf1 = create :performance, member: @member, activity: athle, start_at: "18:00", end_at: "20:00"
perf2 = create :performance, member: @member, activity: parapente
perf2 = create :performance, member: @member, activity: parapente, disabled: true
external_club = create :member, name: "Les Mouettes"
perf3 = create :performance, member: external_club, activity: voile
internal_adherent = build :adherent, last_name: "Dupont", first_name: "Jean", permit_number: "123456"
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