Commit 2e7dad86 authored by Sebastien Carrere's avatar Sebastien Carrere

Bug parsing orthomclV2 : inversion code espece/locus_tag par rapport a V1

parent 9e33fea7
......@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@ sub __ParseOrthomclLine
foreach my $item (@a_rawmembers)
my ($acc, $code) = ($item =~ /(\S+)\|(\S+)/);
my ($code, $acc) = ($item =~ /([^\|]+)\|(\S+)/);
$rh_orthomcl->{$groupid}->{$code} = [] unless defined($rh_orthomcl->{$groupid}->{$code});
push(@{$rh_orthomcl->{$groupid}->{$code}}, $acc);
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